Our team combines the latest in personalisation technology with over two decades of direct marketing know-how to help you drive response rates and customer engagement.



Welcome to the new generation of direct mail campaigns, using variable content for a deeper level of personalisation. Higher-end, eye-catching colours and finishes like metallics and varnish effects stand out to achieve cut-through and create tactile, memorable pieces proven to be kept around and remembered for longer.

mmw3degrees is the first mailing house in Australia to offer the future of personalised printing and targeted engagement with their new Iridesse 6-colour variable print solution.

This machine is genuinely revolutionising what marketers can print and personalise. It produces vibrant variable print designs with dynamic content in speciality colours and finishes for more cut-through, more engagement and, ultimately, more ROI. It offers:

  • Variable copy and images in 6 colours
  • Dynamic metallics plus CMYK in one pass
  • Bright whites on coloured and clear stocks
  • Clear toner for special effects and finishes
  • Personalised booklets printed and saddle-stitched inline.

Download our free guide to the Iridesse to find out more about how you can benefit from this disruptive new technology.



You want your campaign rolled out on time and on budget… and so do we! All of our processes are designed to ensure your campaign is delivered efficiently and effectively, every time.

We’ve learned a lot in our many years of service and we apply those lessons to every project we undertake, to ensure our expertise drives an exceptional outcome.

Combining our state-of-the-art equipment, such as high speed digital colour and black laser printers, scoring, folding, intelligent inserters, inkjets, and automated card/sticker affixing machines, with common sense approaches, we deliver high-quality outcomes.



People touch, taste and try products to clarify how they feel.

We have worked to understand what motivates people to try something new or shift brand; we develop campaigns that ensure customers experience your product through the right channel, at the right time.

  • Let consumers see, taste, smell and touch your product first-hand.
  • We stimulate customers’ senses with samples and product experiences.
  • We implement interactive solutions to drive in-store sales and overall brand awareness.


For customers who want to benefit from all the features of plastic wrap and still be kind to the planet, mmw3degrees offers an eco-friendly, fully bio-degradable alternative to traditional plastic wrap.

Our environmental wraps degrade using soil micro-organisms so they degrade much faster than other plastics. They allow marketers to show off creative design and protect the campaign from the elements or any rough-handling and still assure your customers that the mailing is 100% bio-degradable, keeping your environmental reputation intact.

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