22nd Nov 2018


How to win Black Friday

22nd Nov 2018

Once an essentially US post-Thanksgiving event, Black Friday has become truly global. In Australia, 83% of people know what Black Friday means, with interest in the event growing by 614% in the last 5 years1.

Online shoppers worldwide are taking advantage of well-timed sales opportunities regardless of whether they are recovering from the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner, and Australians are no exception. With Cyber Monday following immediately afterwards, the Black Friday period becomes a week-long discount bonanza for many.

And it’s growing. Black-Friday.Global research reveals that 50% of online shoppers participated in Black Friday last year in Australia and this number will increase to 57% in 2018. The same survey shows that $263 will be spent during Black Friday by the average Australian.

Hard to ignore, isn’t it? Here are our tips on how to win Black Friday with your multi-channel strategy.

1. Think mobile first
With mobile being the preferred device for Black Friday transactions, brands need to make sure their mobile strategy is sound. Your emails must be optimised for mobile. It sounds obvious, but we’ve all seen examples where this has gone wrong. Don’t forget to fully check that your website and offer pages are as responsive as you think they are as well. This can be too easy to overlook when you are in a hurry to get an offer to market.

2. SMS to get your offer seen
SMS has a 98% open rate and 90% of messages are opened within the first three minutes. SMS is ideal for the kind of quick, time-limited discount messages that brands need to send for Black Friday. Use SMS to give previews of Black Friday offers and use SMS-only specials to give your customers a great reason to opt in.
Read more on SMS

3. Email to build excitement
Returning an average of $56 for every dollar invested2, it’s easy to see why email is the channel of choice for most brands in the lead up to Black Friday. Email is perfect for communicating your value proposition and building excitement with a compelling series of offers before a sale event. Tailor your content to what you know your customers are interested in, with offers relevant to the products they have browsed or purchased.

4. Integrate and automate SMS and email
SMS and email dominate Black Friday campaigns. But which is the most effective? Who cares?! They need to be working in tandem to generate the best results. Marketers need to leverage the benefits of both channels to have the best chance of out-performing their competitors.

Segmented and targeted emails have been shown to generate 309% higher open rates and 455% higher click rates than bulk email newsletter campaigns3. Customers expect a seamless, multi-channel experience and automation is the ideal way to ensure relevance, timeliness and results!

5. Push notifications
Many of our clients use push notifications with their email and SMS campaigns to retarget abandoned carts or, for example, when SMS offers are not actioned. People are more likely to opt in to push notifications than email and they are also more likely to click a push notification than a link from an email. Try it in your next campaign and see!

6. Direct mail – because it just works
Gartner research shows that campaigns with four or more integrated channels will outperform single-channel campaigns by 300%4. Brands like Ikea are using direct mail combined with their digital channels to yield an increase in store sales of 13.5%5. 92% of recipients open direct mail6 and 76% of customers trust direct mail when making a purchasing decision7. Add mail (link to web page) into the mix for any sales campaign and the statistics show that you can expect to see your response rates8 and ROI soar. Read more on why the new breed of direct mail campaigns are so effective.

7. Make them an offer they can’t refuse
The average discount on Black Friday is 55%, according to Black-Friday.Global. Savvy online buyers know this, so make sure you can make an offer that stands up to what your competitors are doing. Don’t make the mistake of offering a 5% saving if your competitor is discounting by half or more. No multi-channel strategy in the world will help you if you don’t follow ‘Marketing 101’ and make the right offer to the right people at the right time. Today’s technology just makes it that little bit easier.

If you need support in planning your multi-channel communications execution strategy for the holiday season and beyond, mmw3degrees can help – contact us.

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