20th Feb 2020


Meet the team: Trent Carpenter, Digital Strategy and Communications Manager

20th Feb 2020

My role is to head up the Digital Services arm of mmw. I work closely with our Digital Services Delivery Manager, Alice Cooper. Alice looks after the day to day running of the department whereas my role is to work more on strategy and the bigger picture aspects of both our digital journey and that of our clients. I also spend a lot of time with our National Account Directors helping them find digital solutions to our clients’ business problems, driving efficiencies and adding value as we help them engage more with their end customers for greater returns.

“Rather than a digital-first approach, I prefer to focus on customer first” – Trent Carpenter, mmw3degrees

I help our clients with their digital transformations but my role is not uniquely digital and, in many cases, the optimum solution will involve non-digital options like direct mail. Rather than a digital-first approach, I prefer to focus on customer first as I believe that putting the customer before the channel is the best way to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

I started working in this industry 27 years ago as an Office Junior. I was a general ‘gofer’ and, to make a bit of extra money I worked casually at night across laser and production. I helped out on all the machines in the building, and there wasn’t a machine in that place that I didn’t know how to run. I think that shop-floor experience has helped me greatly in my more senior roles later on.

I first joined mmw in 2002 but then moved overseas for a few years before returning and rejoining the company in 2008 to work in Client Services as a Campaign Manager.  In the last few years, I have worked in various account management, sales and strategy roles before moving to head up Digital Services in January 2019.

Driving digital transformation

I moved into my current role because I enjoy driving change. The digital area of our business has achieved great things already and I want to be a key part of taking it to the next level and seeing the positive impacts on our business and our clients. I can see what the next steps should be and I want to take us there.

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The importance of family

Outside work, family is everything. I have a one-year-old daughter and of course I want to spend as much time with her as possible. We travel when we can, especially with my wife’s family being overseas. My back yard is my yoga and I love to spend time out there making a beautiful environment for my daughter to grow up in.

Working at mmw means being part of a family too. The company has a real heart. I can see so much potential for our future as we are agile enough to respond quickly to the changing needs of our clients and business trends in general. We have a strong culture of collaboration and I enjoy working closely with people who are passionate about what they do, about the company and about ensuring the best possible work for our clients.

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