What it's like to work with us...


“Thank you so much for getting this across the line!!!! You’ve been super helpful and it’s been greatly appreciated!” – Assistant Marketing Manager, Banking


“We had so much fun, worked incredibly hard and got it delivered. It was truly a team effort but the bulk of the work sat with mmw. Thank you for your amazing team, you must be incredibly proud.” – Senior Communications Specialist


“They’re thrilled with the results and by how smoothly the execution was managed. So, well done and thank you” – Marketing Manager, Banking


“mmw did a tremendous job on our latest campaign. The project was running on a very short timeframe, remained very fluid along the way, and required a lot of manual workarounds. The team addressed all requirements and changes in a very agile way, being very responsive and transparent, while fully living up to our values of ‘show you care’ and ‘better together’. It has been, and will be, a great pleasure of working with them!” – TW, CMO, Telecommunications


“You are an absolutely incredible bunch of talented, creative, hard-working, big-hearted people and we are very lucky to have you in our corner,” SB, CEO, Not-For-Profit


“You guys are awesome. This is really amazing stuff. Quick turnaround times. Absolutely amazing” – RD, Business Analyst, Financial Services


“There is never such a thing as a challenge too big to handle. Your commitment to quality work, tenacity and radiating energy has been an absolute delight to be around. Thanks to mmw for your delivery of top quality support and making our data sing.” – Marketing Manager, Business Telecommunications


“Despite the accelerated launch timeframes, multiple last-minute requests and email template variations, you were all very helpful and accommodating. There was a lot riding on the success of this campaign, largely because of how important these customers are – the fact that we were able to deliver on this without a hitch is fantastic, and I really appreciate everything that you and the team did at your end.” – SR, Marketing Manager, Banking


“mww3degrees have been amazing to work with” – EK, Marketing Manager


“Just a quick thank you for all the work this year on our program.  Since I’ve come back it’s been the most streamlined I’ve ever seen it! We’ve also delivered heaps outside of BAU – lots to be proud of.” – Senior Marketing Specialist


“Highly motivated team of marketing and creative experts. Thank you mmw3degrees!” – SM, Business Owner