04th Feb 2020


Meet the Team: Milan Dzelajlija, Laser Supervisor

04th Feb 2020

I am the printing supervisor at mmw3degrees, so I look after all of our laser and digital printers and oversee the print floor. This means I’m in charge of receiving a job into the print room, setting it up, ordering in paper stock and putting jobs on a machine. I work closely with our data and customer service teams to make sure a job runs smoothly and I am responsible for all of the procedures and checking that my team understand and follow them. The job also involves a lot of problem-solving, finding ways to deliver what the client wants and making sure that their job is delivered on time and that the quality is what they would expect from mmw.

“The person who knows everything knows nothing” – Milan Dzelajlija

Twenty years of experience

I’ve been here at mmw since 2000, mostly working in printing and floor management roles. When I joined we didn’t have any machines at all, but fairly soon after I arrived we invested in our first one. We then purchased two more as the business started to grow. Since then we’ve invested in iGen colour digital printers and now, most recently, the Iridesse, which can print white on colour stock and clear varnish as well as metallics and the usual colours. So now my interest is in expanding my expertise across new processes such as speciality colour printing.

Quality control is everything

I think to do well in this kind of work you need to be patient, determined and disciplined as well as focused on detail. Quality control is everything for our customers and you have to be committed to that. I am passionate about making sure the customer is happy with what we print. It’s important to me to be respectful and honest with everyone I work with.

Our industry is changing and we need to be flexible, versatile and ready to learn new things. I say ‘the person who knows everything knows nothing’. Recently I have been learning InDesign and other Adobe packages for speciality colour printing. In this industry, we have to have an eye on the future so that we can predict and stay ahead of the trends.

What I like best about my job is that it involves interacting with people at all different levels of the organisation and across all functional areas. I love that I get to learn new things about the company, our business and the market every day.

mmw has so many alternatives for marketers, so if one approach isn’t working, we can help them try another channel. If an email has bouncebacks, we can contact people with direct mail. If telemarketing or SMS is needed for other customers, we can do that.

We offer our customers a lot of different channels, but print is really at the core of mmw, and it’s my responsibility.

Family environment

We have really capable people here and we work together as a team, a real family environment. Everyone is approachable and it’s easy to walk into any department when you have a question or need to involve another part of the business in what you are doing.

I started my career as an engineer and, to this day, I still love servicing printers. When I start work each day I service the printers at the start of the shift. Today’s machines are less flexible with what we can fix or change but I have enjoyed teaching myself to modify the printers to suit our exact needs and experimenting with what we can do.

Outside work, I like reading blogs and attending seminars and webinars to help me understand economic and market trends. I have quite a few interests including spending my time helping my kids with homework and I love fixing cars and computers and renovating my home.

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