Data and personalisation

Engagement starts with getting your data right. Our specialist data team can cleanse and update your donor data to give you the maximum deliverability possible and ensure you can segment effectively.

We can help with personalisation. It’s amazing how far a simple ‘thanks’ that addresses a donor by name and mentions their last donation will go, but it doesn’t need to stop there. With our high-speed variable printing, you can tailor imagery, content and choice of pack inserts that will drive one-to-one engagement and higher ROI.


Not-for-profit direct mail

Direct mail’s unique ability to appeal to the senses and engage emotions makes it a valuable stream for not-for-profits. Generating high percentages of cash income and new donors, today’s direct mail also drives online giving.

With the latest colour variable printing and insertion technology right here on the premises, our expertise in direct marketing and focus on customer service excellence will make life easy. We can save you money with campaign optimisation and ensure speed to market with direct marketing that really works.

We understand that you need to do more with less – contact us to ask how.


Email and marketing automation

Online giving is increasing and NFPs need to embrace all digital technologies to survive. Our email marketing and automation solutions will allow you to develop relationships, provide cost-effective regular updates and receive an immediate response when needed.

Email is easy to track and measure and build automated nurturing programs that are tailored to each person you engage with.

We are platform agnostic and can help you with strategy, template build, campaign execution and analysis.



SMS is a valuable channel for not-for-profits, providing real-time engagement and high open rates. Perfect for immediate and time-sensitive communications such as news updates, promotions and competitions, SMS is growing in importance.

With MMS, you can tell your story with images, video sound and longer text messages. This makes it the perfect channel for campaigns that engage emotion and bring you closer to your audience.