Marketing Automation Specialists

Marketing Automation has changed the email and SMS landscape and we can keep you ahead of the curve. We are specialists in this area and we manage the largest Marketing Automation platforms of some of Australia’s most active brands.

  • Capitalise on our dedicated automation and amalgamation resources.
  • We are proactive, solutions-focused and transparent.
  • Agile build expertise for targeted variable messaging.

Platform Management

mmw3degrees is your platform specialist. Our certified partnerships enable us to guide your strategy, template build, campaign execution and analysis. We maximise user experience and guide you through upgrades or transitions.


Modular Template Development

mmw3degrees will work with you to develop a unique library of templates that will change the way you communicate and ensure brand consistency, with variable modules and data-driven content.

Using modular templates you can:

  • Re-use modules, saving design time
  • Change content within modules
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Increase effectiveness with user-friendly A/B content and module testing.
  • Integrate new modules
  • Design a pattern library of content.


SMS can be a highly effective channel for strengthening customer engagement and relationships.

We work with our clients to ensure you are taking advantage of the opportunity SMS presents, while monitoring frequency and other important factors to prevent any negative outcomes.

SMS is beneficial for:

  • Immediate and time-sensitive communication.
  • Real-time engagement.
  • Results! It is more likely to be opened than eDM.
  • Lead capture for event-based marketing.
  • Prompting instant action from the customer.
  • Sending sophisticated notifications.
  • Data capture/enrichment.
  • Quick-win promotions.


With MMS you can tell your story with images, video and audio as well as longer text messages than standard SMS.

A picture is worth a thousand words and can create greater excitement than text alone. The ability to employ richer content gives you a better chance of capturing your customer’s attention and creating greater engagement between your brand and your audience through visual and creative means.

MMS is the ideal channel for promotions such as retail holiday offers, competitions or credit card spend stimulation campaigns. The ability to use visuals and tell a longer story also makes MMS perfect for emotive campaigns – for example in the not-for-profit sector – as well as branding messaging.


Send Time Optimisation

One of the most important considerations when developing eDM campaigns is time. When are your customers most likely to open and engage with your communication?

mmw3degrees can guide you through these and other crucial questions so you get the most out of every email.

Using an automated algorithm that analyses the exact times your customers will be in their inboxes, can maximise the impact of email campaigns.

Using in-depth insights and data, we measure engagement behaviour, analyse open times and optimise the campaign.


Automated NPS

The satisfaction of your customers, and their loyalty to your brand, are central to the success of your business — as is your ability to understand fluctuating relationships and respond accordingly.

Using an automated SMS solution for NPS measurement and assessment maximises response rate, providing a result superior to email or phone calls. With no manual collection of data required, you can see your results and take action sooner.

Our NPS measurement solution helps you:

  • Automate sends that are triggered by customer behaviour.
  • Feed results into a dashboard reporting environment.

Creative Design

The right creative can be the difference between a moderately successful campaign, and one that reaches out, grabs hold of the client, and draws them in! At mmw3degrees, we develop creative with impact!


Multi-channel Approach

We deliver creative designs with a focus on helping you make your mark while delivering brand and message consistency.

  • We design for iOS, Android and Web Apps
  • Get creative with Web and eDM: Desktop, Mobile, Responsive.
  • Engaging and eye-catching DM and print collateral is our speciality