Data Integrity

Data is most useful when it is clean, up-to-date and effective. We provide valuable support in maintaining your data by automating washes and validation scripts.

  • National Change of Address Register (NCOA).
  • Do Not Mail and Do Not Call Registers.
  • We can automate deceased washes.
  • We offer deduplication services, removing unnecessary repeating data.
  • We can help with mailing address, email and mobile number validation.

Data and Information Security

mmw3degrees is PCI DSS compliant. We believe this to be a mandatory and critical requirement when managing over 300 million credit card numbers through our business every year. This ensures our clients are processing customer data in an environment free from risk.

Working with a number of Australia’s largest financial institutions, we participate in over 6 annual Information Security and Risk audits per year, with positive results.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance Management team ensures we are always ahead of changes to regulations and compliance, so we can communicate to our clients in advance and assist with change management.


Data Enrichment

Effective analysis of data enables us to provide you better outcomes for all of your targeted one-to-one campaigns.

  •  We offer geo-coding, mapping and geo-fencing.
  • We can help with propensity modelling.
  • We are experts in identification of trends/segments.
  • Length of residency where we have an address.