25th Jan 2020


Plastic-free envelopes – a new way to help protect the environment

25th Jan 2020

Plastic-free window envelopes are a new way for marketers to reduce their impact on the environment and meet the demands of customers who expect the brands they engage with to help them make a difference and live sustainably.

Until recently, envelope windows have been made of plastic and as a result, were not biodegradable or recyclable.

mmw3degrees has now introduced a paper-based window material which is both biodegradable and recyclable.

This all-paper product has already been used successfully in Europe and America and has been tested and approved here by Australia Post.

The first plastic-free window faced envelope to be available is the DLX window face (38x95mm) lick n stick envelope, effective immediately. The rest of our ‘lick n stick’ window face range will all also be available with plastic-free windows by the end of 2020.

Our plastic-free envelopes carry a plastic-free logo on the back of the envelope, helping reinforce an ethical and sustainable brand image as customers know immediately that your organisation cares and is working to be part of the solution.

Plastic-free envelope product details

  • High level of transparency
  • 100% paper
  • Natural, fully-renewable resource, totally recyclable and biodegradable
  • With all paper envelopes, there is no need to sort before recycling
  • Compatible with advanced insertion machines
  • Approved by global postal services and Australia Post

The product is made with Cristal Evolution™, a game-changing, highly transparent paper for envelope windows which enables the production of all-paper, plastic-free envelopes, sustainable, recyclable and made of renewable materials.

Samples are available for inspection – just click the button and we will send one to you.

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Supporting sustainability for our clients

Introducing this new plastic-free envelope product range is part of our commitment to reducing our impact – and that of the brands we work with – on the environment.

We encourage our clients to buy paper products responsibly and recommend the use of eco-friendly bio-degradable plastic wrap. Using data for segmentation and personalisation drives higher response rates and ensures relevance, reducing waste. Using direct mail as part of a multi-channel approach not only improves results but also sends clear signals to the market to plant more trees, countering the effects of deforestation. Planting the sustainable forests used for the paper industry has been found to increase the world’s net forest cover, and the younger, faster-growing trees used have a greater role in reducing CO2 emissions than older, established forests.

The environment is now Australia’s number one concern

As bushfires and drought ravage huge areas of our country and we witness temperatures and air-quality readings among the most-extreme ever recorded, marketers’ thoughts, and those of our clients, are never very far from the impacts of climate change and sustainability.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that the environment has, for the first time, surpassed healthcare, the cost of living and the economy, to be the number one concern for Australians.

As marketers, we are professional persuaders, storytellers and problem-solvers and have a clear responsibility to make and ask for the changes that our customers also demand.

While all individuals can make their own impact, when brands react, small changes become significant as they can make an impact at scale. And when we do make those changes and talk about them, we can send a message of hope that customers are ready to hear.


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