14th Aug 2019


Welcome to the future of personalised engagement

14th Aug 2019

mmw3degrees is excited to announce that we are the first mailing house in Australia to offer our customers the future of personalised engagement with our new Iridesse 6-colour variable print solution.

Blank paper in one end. Personalised, saddle-stitched, 6-colour booklets out the other. It’s that simple.” – Robert Beyer, Head of Operations, mmw3degrees

This machine will change everything about what you can print and personalise, allowing us to work with customers and our agency partners to produce vibrant variable print designs with speciality colours and finishes, breaking through limits that other printers place on imagination.

What can the Iridesse do for you?

With the Iridesse 6-colour variable print solution we are able to offer our customers:

  • The ability to personalise using targeted content in 6 colours in one pass
  • Dynamic metallics plus CMYK in one pass
  • Bright whites on coloured and clear stocks
  • Clear toner for special effects and finishes – a whole new dimension of spot and flood effects
  • Personalised booklets printed and saddle-stitched inline.

Combining this revolutionary new print technology with the advanced personalisation expertise we are known for makes mmw3degrees the first mailing house in this country to step into the future of one-to-one marketing and print’s new frontier.

New metallics put the sparkle into print

It is now possible to print and personalise with multiple metallic colours in a single pass. The inline gold and silver dry inks that give the Iridesse its name use a unique technology that brings a sparkle on application and allows greater print speeds. The new reflective pigment particles improve the metallic feel and provide increased lustre, enhancing the iridescence of the printed sheet.

60 metallic colours are currently available, giving us more scope to reflect our client’s brands – on brand – than ever before, especially with our luxury brand clients.

Unparalled whiteness

The Iridesse class-leading whiteness gives a true white appearance to any creative that needs it. It also provides opacity, allowing print on coloured or transparent media. An underlay of white gives a grounding for CMYK printing. The white dry ink can also be used to overprint or just on its own on coloured stock.

Clear to shine

It is now also possible to print and personalise with clear ink inline, highlighting the features you really want to stand out. The clear dry ink can be used to produce a spot varnish effect or for an overall shine.

Personalised, saddle-stitched booklets in one pass

Personalised booklets are easy to print and finish in one pass through the Iridesse. Delivery times with jobs such as A5 or A5 saddle-stitched brochures change dramatically. As well as this improved speed to market, we can now open up new and more efficient ways of producing clients’ work. Welcome packs and other similar jobs that have traditionally included personalised pieces matched with a generic printed brochure can be re-imagined to become one personalised booklet, saving time and money. Smaller, personalised runs are what the Iridesse does best, so clients can produce the documents they need on demand, without the need for storage or the risk of waste.

Print on more than just paper

With the Iridesse, you can print on a greater range of media weights, lengths and finishes than ever before. This opens up a range of possibilities with coloured, embossed and metallic paper as well as film. It can easily handle 52gsm through to 400gsm paper weights. Supported paper size range from a 98mm postcard through to a 1200mm long banner, giving clients the option to print 5 A4 sheets on one sheet if wanted.

Smoother, sharper and clearer images

The nano particulate EA toner used by the Iridesse is the finest dry ink in the world. This improves smoothness, gives finer detail and improves the brightness of the metallics. Gradation is super-smooth, thanks to the Iridesse’s powerful processing, four times greater than before.

Download the free guide

To find out more about how you can make the most of the exciting new technology the Iridesse can offer, download our free guide.