05th Feb 2020


Direct mail: why multichannel strategies need it in 2020 (infographic)

05th Feb 2020

direct mail infographic with direct marketing and customer engagement statistics and direct mail trends for 2020



Multichannel marketing campaigns that reach customers wherever they are to be found have been shown to generate three times the spend of single channel campaigns¹. As it becomes more challenging to maintain results from digital channels, many marketers are realising that adding direct mail into the mix is an effective solution and that their customers actually like it. The rarity of real, physical mail has increased its perceived value and today’s digital print, automation and data-driven targeting technologies give marketers a new, deeper level of personalisation that drives results like those shown in this direct mail infographic.

4 out of 5 Australians read mail the day they receive it²

77% of milennials pay attention to direct mail**

74% open addressed mail² (and 54% keep it for later reference)

Multichannel campaigns including mail have a 12% greater ROI than those with no mail ²

70% of consumers say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued²

The response rate for not-for-profit campaigns is 20-30% higher with direct mail °

Personally addressed mail is opened 95% of the time ²

87% of consumers find direct mail to be ‘believable’ *

When direct mail is added into the campaign mix…

13% more consumers visit the sender’s website³

21% more make a purchase³

35% more redeem coupons or vouchers³

The facts are clear: direct mail combined with digital channels in a planned, multi-channel approach is shown to deliver the strongest business outcomes, increasing return-on-investment and customer engagement.

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